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For over 35 years Dave has been walking by people in cubes, open doors, hallways, friends working cash registers, engineers, audiophiles, maintenance friends, video buffs, family, just about everyone he knows and sometimes peeps he doesn’t know but might know him and they say or sometimes shout….. “DAVE! Can you help me?”

The reason they say DAVE! is because they need help with their PC, laptop, tablet, MacBook, iPhone, iMac, Android, WiFi router, network switch, CAT5/6 cable, Power cord, Security Camera, Audio gear, Computer Audio setup, USB stick, DLNA Drive, SD Flash, Go Pro, Video gear, Computer Video setup, Viruses, Malware, Server or PC/Mac or Media backup, Scanners, Printers, Hi-Res DSD, FLAC, ALAC, MQA, and so on and on and on…

Precision expertise in HD photography including web/social media banners and video as well as web site creation – I can get you started and then teach you to manage it yourself once it’s online! I’m patient and like teaching others how to drive their own IT buses.

Click and Send Dave an Email About Trouble With Your Computer

Or get in touch with Dave here (private message). It could be as serious as setting up a home business network and website or as casual as hooking up the stereo that’s been moved or getting the dang computer to play music through those fancy speakers in the living room without wires.

He’s written tons of software and user and technical documents and so he looks at things a lot from the the user’s perspective, not the hardware’s perspective. So local networking (LAN) and computers and global networking (Internet, VPN) and all the things attached to them either with or without wires are part of DAVE! for a long time…


Get in touch with Dave in the Hilo, Volcano and Puna areas — he is big on both getting problems solved and teaching people stuff at the same time so they can do it (or maybe most of it) on their own next time.

DAVE drives to your place usually. He charges a very reasonable hourly rate. He splits travel time with you and is surprisingly good at what he does and nice about it with humor instead of angst. He drives from Volcano to Hilo, Puna, and beyond as needed. Malama Pono.

DAVE! can help you with TroubleWithComputer.

More about Dave here…

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