Got a budget for good sounding audio in your home, studio and/or on the go from your iPhone/Android or Bluetooth gear?

Want to get your music off your CDs and onto your iPhone and into your living room?

Want to let your friends spin their playlist on their Samsung Galaxy phone, sitting on your couch to the stereo for everyone else to hear?

Want to hear what hi-res (HD) audio sounds like streaming?

Dave can help you select, purchase and setup great sounding gear within your budget and needs for wires, wireless, both, computer audio or not, CD, SACD, hi-res….whatever you need now and maybe later.  Expertise with MQA hi-res setup and playback as well as surround sound (5.1 and 7.1) systems.

Expert knowledge of all legacy (incl. 1/4″ analog tape, cassette, 8-track!) through current digital streaming and fixed media audio (CD, USB, Media Servers). Hands on experience in all aspects of studio, home, computer, Internet audio since 1995 including home studio recording.

It’s confusing but the biggest issue for you is how much budget for the gear?

Contact Dave on good sounding audio solutions including recording!


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