DAVE has been working full time in computers since 1982 (got a Bachelor’s in Computer Science) and began developing products on the earliest microcomputers with the original single 5.25″ floppy IBM PC, and veteran hobbyist Apple II/IIe, Atari 400, Commodore 64, Tandy/Radio Shack. Then wrote commercial telecom management software for PC’s,  Compaqs and all other clones, then participated in the PC business revolution with LANs (Novell, Arcnet then IBM token ring) and PC based voice mail/auto attendant system then starting to write HTML for websites  in 1995, then the earliest datacom/telecom voice+data convergence with VoIP in the late 90’s, then digital audio including hi-res (early DSD) in 2000 and computer video, and on and on and on…

What a world!

He’s been a software engineer, a product design and database and systems design lead, head honcho engineering, head honcho product marketing, author and manager of documentation and help systems as well QA, web design and reporting tools, telecom and datacom network analysis and optimization expert, pioneer data/voice network convergence (early design & participating in integrated browser managed PBX/switch/router/firewall/Auto-Attendant/VoiceMail for small business prior to Cisco), telecom management tools expert, IT guru and system admin, There’s more, bascially everything except direct sales and accounting. During the early tech hey days, Dave got very very very good at customer service, both internal (co-workers) and external (end user, sales distribution, training, trade shows).

Also since the 90’s leading edge pioneer in digital audio, computer audio and DIY home studio recording, field recording, hi-res.

What a world!

Get in touch with Dave here. He’s worked directly with small to large (Fortune 500) business as well as lots of mom and pop (or just mom, or just pop) shops, home business, students, and not too many lawyers, mostly patent lawyers.  🙂


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